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Summertime Saga is a visual novel video game developed and published by the studio named “Poniard Games”. Software is about a high school student who has been receiving strange messages from an unknown person, he starts to think that they may be related to disappearance of a woman. Gameplay is a visual novel, which means that person reads text on screen and makes choices that affect story’s direction. User starts Summertime Saga PC download as a student, as story progresses, player will unlock more choices, game will introduce more characters. Product offers no violence whatsoever, which makes it suitable for all ages.


Graphics are very good for this type of game. Backgrounds are often detailed and diverse, character models are well detailed. Colors are often used well, soft is updated with new backgrounds and features to match storyline. Product is updated regularly, so there is always new content to explore. Graphics in install Summertime Saga are bright, colorful and stylish. Program has a retro-inspired interface and soundtrack that is reminiscent of 1980s. Bright and colorful graphics give game an air of nostalgia and give it a creative and refreshing look. Graphics of Summertime Saga Windows are not catchy and may be a turn off for many players. Colors, background is fairly simple and there is not much detail in scene.


Gameplay is most important part of game. For most part, soft is a visual novel, so person progresses through soft by reading text, making choices. There are various choices that player can make, which will change course of app. Software is updated, so there are always new choices to explore. Gameplay of application is really engaging and entertaining. Person will explore rich world of app and will meet other people and do other activities that will lead him to love of his life. Gameplay in Summertime Saga play online is made up of exploring town of Beach City, collecting evidence, solving puzzles. Player must explore town of Beach City and collect evidence, solve puzzles. Puzzles, gameplay in soft is not anything new and original and is very predictable. User makes choices in app that can lead to different outcomes. There are a lot of interactions with other characters, which can result in a wide variety of different storylines. Gameplay of play Summertime Saga online is main point of game and with use of Ren'Py engine, gameplay is fairly complex. Player is able to do many things like building their own home, exploring world, fighting enemies, having relationships with other characters.


Multiplayer of Summertime Saga free download PC is excellent and it can be played both online and offline. Player will be able to play game with his friends and with people from all over world.


Replayability is high. User can explore different choices and make different decisions to see how soft unfolds. Replayability in Summertime Saga game download is minimal with person only having option to play game again if they want to.


  • Why cant I find a certain scene?
    Check your calendar, if you have a location set on a certain day but nothing happens, you'll need to talk to a character from that location. If you have wrong location from start, you'll need to make a phone call or change your settings to go to correct location.
  • I want to play Summertime Saga download free, but I don't know how to play it?
    The game is played with a mouse. You can click on different parts of the screen and you can also left click to interact with objects.
  • I don't have the game, how can I play it?
    There are two ways to play the game. You can watch a video on Youtube and play the game by following the instructions. Or you can download the game and play it by yourself.


Overall, download Summertime Saga laptop is a point-and-click adventure game with a mixture of RPG and life simulation. Story revolves around a sixteen-year-old teenage protagonist who is trying to uncover secrets of his uncle's death. Person must explore town of Beach City, collect evidence, solve various puzzles. Software is set in a fictional world where summer never ends and has a colorful and stylish look, with a retro-inspired interface and a soundtrack that is reminiscent of 1980s. Product is a visual novel with gameplay similar to games like Fallout Shelter and Sim City. It is created with use of Ren'Py engine with many features like ability to mod soft and interactive sex scenes. Software is open-ended and players are free to explore world and do their own thing.

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